Regular Savings

This type of investment is designed to accommodate those clients who wish to make a medium and long-term investment for a specific purpose such as retirement, or educational financing plans for their children. Investment contracts are those where customers regularly save part of their income (Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or Yearly) to achieve the financial goals of their life.

Single Investment

This type of investment is for clients who make a greater initial contribution. Usually our clients have investments in other places but they recognize the opportunities that Oxford International can offer them.

Education Funding

Rising at an annual rate of 7%, worldwide university fees are becoming an increasing problem. Annual tuition fees for Harvard University in 2016 were US$59,550
An average U.S. university was over US$30,000, whilst in Europe it was US$25,000.
A top level Latin American University will cost around US$20,000 per year. Anyone with children will understand the need to sit down with a top level financial advisor now to organise their children’s future.


The majority of people are so wrapped up in the challenges of today that they forget to take charge of tomorrow. It is important to structure your finances effectively to ensure that the sacrifices you make today produce the rewards you hope for in the future. Whether you wish to travel the world or simply sit in your garden our team of expert advisors will help you understand how much money you will need to have saved by your chosen retirement age and how to achieve your objectives.

Our Mission Statement

To promote wealth creation and wealth management products in a clear and ethical format, reinforced with the highest standards of service, security, professionalism and the strongest commitment to our clients

Hansard Global

Provides independent financial intermediaries and institutions with flexible, tax-efficient, custom-configured long-term investments products.

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Standard Bank

Standard Bank is the largest African bank by assets and earnings. Their strategy is to build the leading African-focused financial services organization using their competitive advantages to the full.

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Are a genuinely global business with an experienced workforce focussing on the needs of their customers to deliver solutions others may be blind to.

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Generali International

Specialist in providing a range of powerful and flexible wealth management products to help their customers around the world achieve their financial ambitions.

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