Our services

Regular Savings

This type of investment is particularly suited to those who wish to save for a particular reason, such as retirement or children’s education funding.   Regular investment contracts are those where our clients save regularly from their income (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually) towards whatever is their goal in life.

Single Investments

This is where a client invests a larger contribution.  Normally our clients are those who have an investment elsewhere but have recognised the opportunities Oxford International can offer.

Education Funding

Rising at an annual rate of 7%, worldwide university fees are becoming an increasing problem. Annual tuition fees for Harvard University in 2016 were US$59,550
An average U.S. university was over US$30,000, whilst in Europe it was US$25,000.
A top level Latin American University will cost around US$20,000 per year. Anyone with children will understand the need to sit down with a top level financial advisor now to organise their children’s future


The majority of people are so wrapped up in the challenges of today that they forget to take charge of tomorrow. It is important to structure your finances effectively to ensure that the sacrifices you make today produce the rewards you hope for in the future. Whether you wish to travel the world or simply sit in your garden our team of expert advisors will help you understand how much money you will need to have saved by your chosen retirement age and how to achieve your objectives